Supporting those in need

The San Francisco Community Fund is a non-profit charity that provides a connection between donors and people in urgent need of modest assistance.

Our mission

It’s unfortunate, but true, that most people with modest and immediate needs have a difficult, if not impossible time, finding assistance with the majority of well-known charitable organizations. When an expense pops up – new prescription, children in need of special help to learn, elderly in need of a new walker, unexpected veterinarian bill – they have nowhere to turn for help.

That’s why we formed The San Francisco Community Fund. Our mission is to provide the connection between donors and people in need of modest assistance.

  • Stephanie’s vision has been increasingly impaired. Since her eye surgery last year, she has not been able to read or write. Her doctor recommended some glasses that can help, but she couldn’t afford to buy them. We purchased low vision devices/glasses for the blind and visually impaired for her.

  • Edith has Stage 4 lung cancer and is currently under treatment. Due to her extreme fatigue, and COVID, she does not leave her apartment. The poor air quality is making it hard for her to breathe, so we purchased an air purifier for her.

  • Alice secured a one-bedroom apt after seven months of searching. She was homeless during this period. She didn’t have funds to buy a bed frame. The fund purchased one for $174.
  • Irene has had Stage 4 breast cancer since 2011. This year, the cancer spread to her brain and she is interested in trying medical marijuana to help ease her pain and symptoms. She wanted to get a medical marijuana ID card. Because she has Medi-Cal, the fee of a card through the Dept of Public Health is $100. The fund paid for her card.

Our impact

At the San Francisco Community Fund, volunteer specialists work in targeted communities and refer donor recipients in need. The Fund quickly reviews referrals and acts on the most urgent needs (usually within 48 hours). Fund gifts are limited to $400 each to enable the Fund to reach as many situations as possible. Cash is never given to an applicant. Payment is remitted directly to a store, creditor, or service provider on the applicant’s behalf – so we always know how contributions have been used. We are staffed entirely with volunteers and committed to an operating budget (including rent) equal to less than 10% of donations.

Urgent Needs
Action is taken on most referrals within 48 hours.
Up to $400
Gifts are limited to $400 to maximize the reach of our budget.
Minimal Operating Costs
The fund operates on less than 10% of donations.

Make a donation

The mission of The San Francisco Community Fund is simple: to connect donors and people in urgent need of modest assistance. By giving to The San Francisco Community Fund, you will be supporting a worthy recipient close to home. In order to continue helping people in the Bay Area, we need your support!

San Francisco Community Fund
c/o David Jamison
1400 Geary Blvd, #2310
San Francisco, CA 94109

As a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) organization, contributions to The San Francisco Community Fund are tax deductible. The Fund will acknowledge the gift as soon as it’s entered in our database.